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Such valuable information!

The topics Dr. Mia discusses in her podcast are so relevant to patients, family members and medical professionals! The information is valuable and educational to all! Highly recommend this podcast to anyone who is looking to learn more about aging and how it affects all aspects of life! Judit Andrea Staneata, MD

She’s so authentic!! I am sharing with my dad!

dr. Mia Yang , this was a joy to listen to!! Thank you!! You are so authentic! I love it!! All the very best. Lmk if you are looking for guests that want to share about living in a different country than their parents. Much love!! And that Piano??!! Its everything!!! Much luv from your sister Warrior Woman! Dr. Lulu

highly recommend

Dr. Mia does a fantastic job taking on practical ways to age and live better. Her personal stories and knowledgeable guests help make living well achievable. Thank you for this wonderful podcast!

A must listen!

Dr. Mia’s Aging Well podcast is a MUST listen for any adult who is aging (aka, everyone)! The content is highly relevant and informative and often entertaining. With so few doctors trained as Geriatricians who provide the best healthcare for older adults, Dr. Mia selflessly spends her time on this podcast educating as many of us as she can. She weaves healthcare information with personal stories which are highly interesting. Everyone would benefit from listening to Dr. Mia!

Wonderful Aging Conversations

I really enjoy listening to this podcast! As a professional in Aging (specifically Alzheimer’s Disease Research), it’s very informative and provides educational content. The episodes are enlightening and help me understand more about the patients I work with everyday.

A Gift

I really appreciated your vulnerability in sharing your panic attack, something I struggled with after childbirth. As I come to terms with my parents mortality, your podcast reminded me that I need to respect what they want for themselves, which isn’t necessarily what I want. What a gift you continue to be to me. Thank you.

Enjoyed immensely!

Just listened to both episodes of your podcast and enjoyed immensely! Thank you for sharing the beautiful stories. I am just about to leave my regular primary care job to do home-based primary care! Your stories brought up many memories of home visits and how much we learned from Dr. H and crew. Hope you keep going on the series. Best!

Your podcast is OUTSTANDING!

I listened to both episodes while exercising at the Y this morning. Wow! So interesting, informative, and very helpful - from the perspective of a clinician and as a family member. I was also appreciative and encouraged by your vulnerability in sharing so much of your own journey. I think all of our residents and geriatric fellows need to know about your podcast. And I suspect many of our faculty would also find it helpful. Well done! Looking forward to next episodes!

Sent it to my mom!

I really liked your podcast! I sent it to my mom who is the caretaker for my grandmother. I think it will really help her process a lot of what she has had to navigate with my grandmother's decline. Thank you for doing this!